In this post I describe details about Quantum 2.4Amp Dual Port Fast Charging Mobile Charger. This charger is very helpful to those people who are faced many types of mobile phones to charge at a time. This charger helps us to charge two phones at a time. It   also provides fast charging. This  charger also hels to reduce time than other normal charger. This charger provides over charging protection, over voltage protection, auto self recovery, short circuit protection, robust durability. The multi port wall charger is one of the handiest smart gadgets you can own . This charger is equally efficient for Android and ios devices and it is extremely portable.it is provides many type of features these features are smart charge, two smart USB port , Indian connecters, this will allow you to charge your tablets and phones simultaneously to a combined out put of 2.4a.this charger provides a 6 month validity. If you think about a smart charger this charger is one of the best charger for you.

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